[Hoodoo Forest]

Though a short retreat into the shadows was apparently successful, it was not enough time for the wolf's prowess to return in full. So, though it managed to avoid impalement, a raking gash on it's side would be it's reward for taking on this challenge. Though the damage was certainly painful, it was not as immediately detrimental as it would be for a living thing.

With a snarl baring saliva slick teeth, the beast returned with a strike of it's own, using the lizard's own tusks as a sort of guide toward the reptile's face. Particularly, the wolf would try to damage the iguana's eyes, turning it's head sideways as it snapped it's jaws in an attempt to pierce both at once. It was a grisly tactic but one that would hopefully be effective in disabling the lizard. It was risky, though, as that would expose it to the iguana's own maw should it try a counter-attack.