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Why is Cerai's golden disc a golden diamond? Is it just too hard to cut glass that way (round) given the technology of the Blackwood?
Ahhhh... I meant to call it a sun "cross." I'll change it. To answer your question, though, I have no idea if it was too hard for the technology of the age. I honestly didn't do any reading on it.

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Did you make those heraldries yourself? Or is there a way to do those online? I love them, either way, and High Hall looks amazing! Immensely defensible, too, with only one approach point, really. I love that style or architecture and art..
I did! And thanks! I use elements from the Inkwell Ideas' Coat of Arms Design Studio, then grab the shapes in photoshop and play with them there, since I like that system better. That also gives me more choices for color, and it lets me do that irregular look they have.

At first, I pictured High Hall to be an "Edoras" type place. Then I saw that on deviantArt, and it's the perfect fairy tale castle! Ker-snagged.