Sisters - Part 2

You know what it's like growing up with a couple of hippies for parents? They're always like, "Oh, you and your sister have to love each other at all times!" and, "No, Ivaz, you can't throw rocks at the neighbor's dog!" and, "Hitting your mother is a very bad thing to do!" By Rasslin, they are so annoying. It'd drive anybody crazy.

So, yeah, I have a twin sister, and my parents were peace-loving tree-huggers. And while they were both Life Bases, my sister and I somehow ended up being Shadow Bases. Not unheard of, but definitely unusual.

When we were really little, I guess you could say we were normal enough. I mean, what infant isn't? Right? Psycological stuff usually takes a few years to develop. Like, maybe five or so. That was about the time I discovered my connection with Zavi.

I'm sure we had experienced it before. Our parents did it when we were a little over a year old, so it had been going that long. And kids being kids, we had each gotten our share of bumps and bruises. But, at least in my head, it never really clicked until this one time about a month after our fifth birthday.

We were out in the backyard, goofing around like little kids do. Our parents were probably there. Don't really remember their part in it much. Zavi was sitting with her legs sprawled out, playing with some toy ponies. I was running around with an airplane in my hand. I tripped on a loose shoelace and fell, my knee landing on a rock. Now, being only five, I took the normal course of action to such an event. I started bawling my eyes out. My parents rushed over from wherever they were and picked me up. It was then that I noticed that Zavi was holding her knee and crying just as hard. Which confused me cause I was the one that fell, not her. And I was the one bleeding, not her.

So, after I got bandaged up and our parents stuck us in our room to play (yes, of course we shared a bedroom), I got curious. As I was sitting next to my sister, I decided to try something out. So, I decked her in the arm. As much a five year old can, anyways. As soon as my fist connected, I felt it also hit my arm, right in the same spot. Zavi cried out and winced away. I did it again, laughing as I felt the same impact. It amused me.

Zavi scooted out of my reach, and when I tried to go near her, she moved. Then I thought that if it worked one way, why not the other? I decided to try by punching my leg. Zavi cried out again as soon as I hit myself. I was grinning and completely forgot the toys. I amused myself by either punching Zavi or myself.

Now, our parents saw the bruises we got from my punches and started asking what happened. For some reason, Zavi didn't tell them the truth. I wasn't sure why. She never told me. Still don't know. But, hey, whatever. Kept me from getting into trouble.