"Ouch! That hurt."

'My substitution jutsu should help. Use it.'

'Oh, very well.'

William, having recently had his lower half removed by the meteor, used Orochimaru's substitution technique to regurgitate a rather more intact body.

"Ugh...that's not something that I'll get used to anytime soon...wait, wasn't there a pit fiend somewhere?"

'You seem to have been moved a ways away by the blast.'

'Alright. Wait...you're not Evangeline. Who are you?'

'I was known as the Mage of the Beginning. It seems that the Light made a mistake regarding who precisely was you and who wasn't, most likely due to my interference with Evangeline.'

'Hmmm...well, you'll have to accept our pact, then. We support each other, and act to prevent the enemy from conquering the worlds. Once the enemy has been defeated, and only then, we will then begin our own conquest.'

'Humans...even when they're down, they look for ways to reach the top. Sure, I'll accept that.'

'Very well, then. We should see to finding Morcleon and help him, since he was at the focus of that last attack. Mokou, you have ten seconds of control. Could you please do something about these fires?'

'Sure, I can do that.'

The flames which engulfed the courtyard are compressed into a sphere at the courtyard's center. The sphere is then rammed into the pit fiend which had so recently let lose with a meteor swarm.