Kin eventually reached ground level, a fair while after the others. She hopped gently off the wall and ran over to them, trying to hide her relief that everything had gone smoothly. For someone who had been so eager to take Krystal roof hopping in the first place, she was strangely nervous when it came to the aftermath.

"Congratulations, fellow high flyers! It looks like our first tutorial in the art of unrestricted movement was a great success. Now all that remains is to head back over to where are my shoes? And my socks, for that matter. I know I had them a few minutes ago..."

Kin had suddenly noticed the fact that she was still barefoot. A frantic search through her personal inventory revealed that her footwear was completely absent. Apparently she'd lost them at some point in the confusion.

"Well, that's inconvenient. Hopefully our dorm supervisor won't be around to witness my return tonight. She does not look kindly on students who walk bare-toed across school property."

There was a slight edge of fear in her voice as she said this. The supervisor had a way of instilling that sort of feeling in those under her jurisdiction.