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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    The Void

    Kipt smiles at Lilli, and proceeds to explain arcana. "Well, it is really just a theory that I had about magic" he says, blushing modestly. "So- all magic is really quite alike in theory. And although it takes on many forms, there is really one true magic. This one magic is what Arcane magic is." He pauses, finishing the first part of his explanation, before continuing. "However some magics" he gestures to the people around him "are very compatible. Right now, because of all the complications, Arcana is almost impossible for a mortal to use. What we would do, hopefully, would change that." He smiles again freely, obviously liking the idea. "But as far as the warp moon goes, I could use a little history lesson myself."

    Brist's Ship

    "Oh...ok." Brist says lowering his guard "My name is Brist. You'll have to excuse my paranoia with all these assassins running around. I'm happy to help someone with no love for them, though." He thinks for a moment "What kind of skill set do you have?"
    As they go farther out to sea, the Kalpan on board takes his leave, and swims back to Monte Mora thinking he has nothing to worry about.
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