"I suppose so, Ishida-san."

For some reason, Shougo didn't seem so convinced, his frown deepening as he caught sight of a thin trail of chipped plaster drifting down onto the table. Nevertheless, he continued eating in a slow, methodical manner, his mind obviously focused on something else at the time. It was curious, though, as to just how Shougo was advancing so quickly. While Tobio probably hadn't done any statistical analysis on Esper advancement levels, there was no denying that Shougo had literally jumped an entire level in a single day and showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This was not a common event; once Academy City caught wind of this, they would no doubt be very interested in the progress of Nimori Shougo.

Dinner continued and it was generally a quiet affair, with Mrs Nimori chatting to Tobio and Shougo interjecting every now and again. It was a family, although it was missing its' vibrant and usually very loud central pillar. Soon it got dark outside, the street lights activating in response. Collecting the plates and dishes, Shougo bowed slightly and then departed to wash them. Mrs Nimori then turned to look at Tobio.

"So, Ishida-kun, how long have you known Shougo? It's good to see my son finally getting to meet new people, although..."

She pursed her lips and looked at the table after glancing back to ensure that Shougo wasn't listening.

"By any chance, did you know a girl called Ishimaru? She was about this tall, with green eyes, dark hair. And she wore pants."