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Crocell lets Krystal hug him with minimal blushing since she was not full on cuddling him. Looking at Kin he also notices her lack of footwear. With a chuckle he says, "Well, here's hoping that you don't get busted. After all, it would be a shame for you to get in trouble for having a little fun."
"Yes, that would most definitely be a...shame."

A slight shudder ran through Kin. For a moment her eyes went out of focus, as if picturing some dire vision of the future. This trepidation didn't last long, though. Once she saw Krystal enthusing about their outing, the dark clouds vanished without a trace.

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It was awesome! Krystal jumps a little, still kind of excited about the whole thing.

She looks to Kin. Aw, now I wish I had an extra pair with me. I'd let you borrow them.
"Of course you would. Even if you weren't a wonderfully generous person, the social conventions instilled in us by our alma mater would leave you no choice. It's the height of bad manners to withhold spare shoes from someone while wearing their shorts."

Kin matched Krystal's jump with one of her own, having now completely shrugged off her recent loss. It was apparent by now that she didn't actually need shoes at all. She danced across the rough paving with no sign of discomfort, just like the irregular rooftops over which she'd run headlong.