[Hoodoo Forest]

Well, the wolf had overextended itself in a rather risky attack so very shortly it was indeed rammed into a pillar of rock. Yet, there didn't seem to be as much give as would be expected. Still, the wolf was somewhat shaken by the blow and would likely be pinned there unless the iguana had only tossed it's head rather than intended to keep the wolf in place.

If the wolf was able to move some, though, then it would try squeezing out from between rock and lizard, leaving a bit of a dull red stain on the stones from it's earlier wound. That would be a rather involved action, though, so it was unlikely it could do much aside from that beyond readying itself for the next offensive.

But if there was room for it, then the wolf would try kicking a bit of dirt and sand in the iguana's face. Apparently it really wanted to blind it's foe.