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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnrlshrimp View Post
    [Forest Clearing]

    Chop, hack, slash, etc. The flower lady is dead within the first couple of swings, and from then on Trisha is steadily making a bigger mess of blood and flesh and bits of plant etc.

    There's a rumble as the clearing is opened up once more, allowing them to leave.
    As the rumbling begins, a pair of lightning strikes hit leaving a pair of objects in the ground.

    The first is a knife. The hilt is beautifully designed like a rose, with a stem large enough to be a real hilt, and a distinct lack of thorns. It leads up into a rose shaped crossguard, and is tipped in a red blade, the color of a rose's petal. One who grabs it will know that the length and weight of the blade can be adjusted as the user wishes... as long as it is fed with blood.

    The other weapon is what appears to be a recurve bow, already strung. Except for the grip, it's green and covered in thorns, and resonates with more than a small amount of power. The one who receives this boon will know that any arrow fired from it will slowly sap the blood from it's target as long as it's embedded in the enemy.
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