"Doesn't remember her...Well, that would make sense. She said that she didn't want Shougo to remember her. I don't know why. I thought my son had...Well, found a girlfriend. And it was so out of the blue! But then, this happens, and..."

She paused, trying not to remember the broken body of her son just days before.

"I know she must have gone through a lot to save my Shougo-kun...I'm not sure what happened to make her decide that she didn't want to see him again. I hope it wasn't something that he did."

Mrs Nimori looked like she was going to say something when Shougo returned, having finished the dishes.

"Well, I am back. Thank you for the food, mother, Ishida-san. And thank you for coming as well as for teaching me. I am in your debt. It is getting late, though-Do you live far from here?"