Free Port-Skull & Dagger Aftermath

Later that day Marik confronted Gregory. The situation was swiftly diffused, but Marik still ended up storming out of the compound. There has been no sighting or word from Jorias since he left the Skull & Dagger. In fact Gregory has been searching for him, to no avail. The other mercenaries are starting to whisper.

Jorias's location is not immediately apparent focused search from the Fell Knives will locate him though.

The Void

Gwyn nodded, "The Warp moon was created by my brother Morgash near the beginning of time. It exerts no gravitational force on the Earth as it is made entirely out of the Dreaming. What it does exert is a Warp pull that brings the Dreaming closer to the Earth. That is how Astromancy and Oniermancy are currently utilized, by drawing upon the dreaming, but these magics ebb and flow with the phases of the moon, similar to the tides of the ocean. However, if the warp moon's power is enfused within the world, then magic will no longer wax and wane as it does now."

"From, what I've seen, I believe this is what my brother was working towards, a world where magic is a stable and accessible power. To be utilized by all, so that all may be improved."