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Ok, double post, but it's for a reason. So a while back, you could remember me talking about what the work wuxia means in this setting for me. I've been thinking about it, and I'd like to add to that. So while everything I said there is true, I'd like to point something out: pretty much all of it should apply only to heroic people. Now, this doesn't mean it should be limited to PCs or even the main figures in a plot; it should be something used to spice up people that would reasonably be that skilled, and best of all limit most heroic NPCs to having perhaps one thing they can do. Say you want the sergeant of the guard to be know as a very skilled fighter, possibly to train a PC. So have stories of how he fought off a band of orcs bandits single-handed. Perhaps you want a brute to be know for his strength. So say he managed to wrestle a bear and throw it.
I've thought a lot about what wuxia means for me in this setting as well, and I think our ideas are pretty much the same. In a lot of wuxia movies (I'm thinking of Iron Monkey in particular), the characters are not necessarily fighters by default:
The main character is a doctor who moonlights as a Robin Hood-esque ninja, and the other major warrior is also known as a doctor, though he makes no effort to conceal his kung fu skills.

In terms of this setting, I think there may be a lot of people who can do some pretty miraculous things. The wood has an effect on the people that live within it, and anyone that tests themselves in its depths will come away with some pretty serious gifts... if they survive.

The thing is, most people either a) don't care to test themselves (because it is pretty deadly), or b) they don't have too much cause to use their abilities because most people are "normal." I want to create a world where there's no shortage of high-flying bad guys or strange elven magic at every turn, but a world that makes it clear that--even though it's common for the PCs--these are legendary abilities.

As PCs, you can count on being exposed to some wild, supernatural stuff. You can even count on being able to do a lot of it yourselves. However, you can also count on people thinking you're either insane or demigods for doing it.