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It will probably include ritual books containing rituals too, in case you want to mix up loot a little ;)
I like it. Things like this as well, put on your list. Give me a chance to be able to put small stuff here and there for you guys!!

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Those were just examples. I dont understand what you mean about not getting the upgrades all at once. Unless you are giving us full suits of items at the same time that wont happen with items either.

I will make a short list but feel free to hand out whatever you want.
I mean, the inherent bonuses don't effect just your attack or just your defense, they effect all your bonuses, so if you use the inherent bonuses, the bonuses would "upgrade" everything. I just, personally, don't like using the inherent bonuses in games with magic. I think items, esp getting items, is a lot more fun than using the bonuses.

Also, if I know what you guys want, it makes it easier, and more fun, for you guys to get the things you want, and makes it easier for me to not have to waste game time for you guys going to merchants and "trading in" stuff. This way, you guys can find stuff you want up front!!