Everything is in the next spoiler, thatís what.



Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin,
Naal lok zin los vaahrin
Wa dein vokul
Maeferaahk ast vaal?

Or something like that, the dragon language is so hard to spell. I really hope they never invent the internet, theyíd be SUCH a bunch of Grammar Nazis to each other, let alone to us. Anyway, over two weeks have passed since the deadline of the BCC, and I just barely made it in! I seriously started thinking about my class just after noontime and finished it mostly before dinner, with a few tweaks well into the evening. When I got up again, I saw that the class posted before mine had been finished as well, which I had not expected. This class was made by Pyromancer999, and you know that when a manís name includes a reference to burning your pants straight off, you must have a death wish to challenge him. Undoubtedly that is why the Death Seeker decided to attend the party, so at least I am not alone in being completely suicidal and full of BURNING PASSION. After all, Iím fighting so that Temotei will allow me to keep my kneecaps and even though heís totally my second lover I think I could take him on in hockey, Iím sure he has something up his sleeves. Pyromancer may burn pants all he likes, I will be the one to blow everyone away! Because I have tons of fans. Yíknow, the blowy things. I got one in XL size. Itís bigger than the truck I donít have.

The Dovahkiin is inspired by the main character of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, of which I totally do not have a map of the land hanging in my room right behind my laptop as I speak.

Ösix dead levels. What. Whaaaatt. Three of those without a new Dragon Shout. Whaaaatt. At levels that saves donít even increase. ;_; PYRO, COME ON. I WANT YOU TO BURN MY PANTS OFF. BURN MY PANTS OFF, NOT SOAK THEM IN TEARS.

*gets hit by Elemental Breath* Oh hey, fire! Burning! I smell like burning!

I am not crazy. It will become true if I say it enough.

I sadly havenít finished the game, only getting up to the Embassy (and failing that mission since I forgot to give the Wood Elf all the stuff Iíd need due to a misunderstanding), though I did nearly become head of the Thievesí Guild, Archmage and leader of the Companions, so thereís thatÖ anyway, what I mean to say is that I donít have knowledge all that extensively on all the Dragon Shouts, just a few of them, but it seems to me like Pyromancer did a pretty good job of implementing them and I like how he did the little Perk things with them.

One thing though: in the Dragon Shout ability he says how a Dovahkiin ďgains access to the Second Word at 6th, and the Third Word at 12th levelĒ. In the class table it puts those Words at level 9 and 15 respectively. The first level ability Draconic Child also is nowhere to be found. Overall, itís a pretty solid Tier 4 class. I would probably have given them more Shouts myself and a few tiny abilities to fill up the dead levels (at least 7, 13 and 19). Pyromancer has 19 Shouts written up, of which they gain just less than half. The progression is nice and steady though.

And now, for the first time in Tiering history,

I get to present one of my own works! :D

*shot and dragged off stage*

(Seriously though, I could do something like this on the Son of Man as well, but Iím not sure if I should. It is part of the reason I broke off the earlier post like that, but in the meantime I got to thinking that maybe I shouldnít put any focus at all on my own works. I mean, Iím sure there would be some way in which thatíd be unethical or something, right?)

This post was brought to you by Editing Ltd., because no post should include a lot of rambling about wearing skirts that are on fire.