Douglas glanced at Truse for a moment - and the Machoke gave him a brief thumbs-up. Good.

Truse was actually worried about Douglas' health more than his own. He also knew that Douglas was likely looking everywhere else at the moment - from thugs, to pawniards, to flyers. Once again came the wish that he could speak - only, as he recalled, last time he did as such he was put off his game. Now was time to focus.

Douglas did note Tearu coming towards him, however. A quick scan up and down showed him that the trainer was hurt, but it was not serious as of yet. Thus, as soon as he was in reach, Douglas reached towards him.

"Here - eat this, it'll help." He said, shoving a grape-sized bundle of herbs into Tearu's hand. It'd work more as a numbing agent for now, but it'd help accelerate his natural healing - he could wait for proper attention later.

"'s very bitter." He warned, as an afterthought.


Tearu heals 20hp!

...well, provided he eats it, anyway.