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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    Marren is Plagued by Nightmares

    Marren was in a blasted landscape, charred from the fires of war and stained with blood. He was garbed in his full ceremonial vestments for some reason, white robes and purple cloak.
    In the distance was the Temple, a shining beacon of light in this wasteland. He walked towards it, but it kept moving further away.
    As he walked, he began to feel a pain and tightness in his chest. He barely had time to register the symptoms and his heart gave out and everything was replaced by darkness.
    What felt like an eternity later...
    When Marren woke he noticed a change in his attire. His normally white robes were black and stained with blood, his once purple cloak was blood red. But more disturbing, his medallion had changed. No longer was it the simple silver eight pointed star with a diamond at the centre, now the points were long and sharp, dripping with blood, and the diamond was replaced with a black cat's eye.
    Greetings High Priest Marren Ilay of Snow Haven.
    Who is there? Explain yourself!
    A figure in a hooded cloak of midnight blue stepped forward out of the darkness, easily two feet taller than Marren. In one hand, it held a scythe.
    You don't recognise me? I suppose that's my fault...
    Marren bowed before the divine figure.
    Lord Belsheroth.
    I'm disappointed in you Marren. You abused my power.
    But do we not have the right to protect ourselves and others? To protect and heal is the mandate you gave us.
    You forget one minor point. You stopped the heart of that Blur and stole its life-force. You misused the art of healing. That is a stain upon your soul I cannot allow. As such, you need to make amends.
    Stray from the path once more, and your life is forfeit.

    The dream began to fade, and Marren heard one final message.
    Oh, and don't even think of using my power again.


    Marren awoke with a start.

    The Mistlands

    The Council of Archangels appeared with thousands of books in tow.
    They bowed and Anzhela spoke.
    Lord Kiloasa. We have finished the task you have set for us. We have interviewed every soul residing in the Forests of Starlight. Unfortunately, the Realm of Lord Halasht is barred to us and we were unable to gain passage through the Gates of Hell.
    I believe Vanyanil has summarised our data for you.

    At this, the shortest of the Belsherai present stepped forward. An easel with a graph upon it appeared by his side.
    My Lord Kiloasa, as you can see by this graph, the first one or two hundred years are marked by a large percentage, approximately a third, of the souls in the Forests desiring to return to Ashkharh in some form. However, after this period, the number drops to almost nothing, most likely because the ties that draw them to the mortal world are gone by this point.
    However, after a period of approximately two thousand years, the number of souls desiring to return slowly begins to increase. In total, a quarter to a third of all the souls in the Forests of Starlight desire to leave.
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