The Temple

Sophia hears Marren's breathing change and looks over at him, "You're awake." She could've sworn there was someone else-

"Good, we could use your help."

Sophia pointed her sword at the Blur, "What're you-"

"gods woman! Keep your eyes on me, I do not want to explain this again. I've met you before, I'm on your side. And we've got about half a dozen Blur mixed in with two or three dozen thugs surronding this temple. They're waiting for the Fog to drop, but we can't leave without running into them. Any of you got any ideas?"

Sophia shook her head, she'd need the doctor to confirm the Blur's words, but for now she'd trust him. "I could draw them off, I can probably about eight or nine on my own and then I'll rendevouz with you guys later."

"No, you are not volunteering."

"Excuse me?"

"You and the Doctor are the two with the best chance against Big Momma. Without you two there is no plan."

Sophia raised an eyebrow. But before she could say anything the Blur continued, "You're a priest right? Marren was it? Could you cast a spell to shield us from harm? It might just buy us a few extra seconds."