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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeshon View Post
    A bell tolled outside.

    Sophia was silent for a moment, then nodded, "You might be right. We can't risk Big Momma gaining more assets than she already-

    "Do you really think you could do it alone?"

    Sophia stood hurriedly and drew her sword.

    "Riight, no memory. Like I said before, I'm not here to fight. Actually I'm here to help."

    The Blur was hurt at least from the way he's holding himself, though there was no physical injury.

    "My manifested double ran into Big Momma, the real one I hope. Problem is? The temple is now surrounded by Blur. I think they're waiting for the fog to lift."

    D&D-wise Psionics is a lot more broken than most forms of magic (Clerics & Construct Wizards being two of the exceptions). What I'm emphasising with Big Momma isn't typically what you see, though they do have Dominate manifestations.
    I'm actually just calling it psionics - it's closer to psychic powers from other forms of media than Psionics from DnD

    If they have the building surrounded this will get ugly fast... The Doctor thought, bringing himself up to his full height. I think I can get out of here, but these humans can't change their shape or - far as i know - block their minds. Is there another way out for them? It's a temple, it must have a secret passage or something.
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