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    Default Re: [Rail IC] Academy City III: Abusive Physics Never End!

    Shougo shook his head.

    "I know you can, Ishida-san. You are more than capable of looking after yourself. Nevertheless, Daisuke and his men saw you with me, and that puts you in danger. Just as you offered your help, so I offer mine if that in that potential event. If that is okay with you, that is."

    Something stirred in Shougo. Something...About someone else getting drawn into his quarrel with Daisuke. A twinge of pain ran across his forehead, but he suppressed it.

    "I will not insist if you do not wish me to. But it would ease my mind considerably. Besides, it gives me a chance to practice my Psychic power, to see if I can keep up with you on your rollerblades."
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