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If you see him again, tell him the Doctor said "F*** you we needed those spells!"

The Doctor picked up the old woman and put her on his back, molding his body to hold her in place. He covered her mouth but left her nose uncovered so she could breath.

Let's go, then. When they stop seeing you, I'll tell the humans we're getting help from a Blur so they don't kill you on sight. It might take a while to find the passage. He blinked as he noticed something about the Blur. It amazes me nobody ever thinks 'Those dont look like human eyes'.
The Blur looks at the Doctor in suprise, then smiles, "I think I'm more exhausted than I thought, my shapeshifting must be going wonky. All right this way."

He left the room, Sophia shook her head, "Wait what's going on?"