Tobio looks a little apprehensive before nodding to Shougo. "Alright then. If you really want to. It's just that you have already done so much for me, I don't want to bother you. But if your alright with it then I would be glad for your company. That is if it's okay with you Mrs. Nimori." As he says this he straps on his roller blades.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Crocell smirks and wanting Kin to blush for once bounds over to her to envelop her in a big warm hug, no really he seems to be naturally warm. Rather like a secure blanket. "Aw don't be like that, you know I love you guys! Besides there has been some shifty stuff going on lately. No way am I letting my two new friends get hurt because of my negligence."

Looking at Kin he notices a distinct lack of red tinting her face. "Why aren't you blushing darn you!"