"Oh, of course. We should be thanking you for coming, Ishida-kun-You helped make dinner and helped Shougo-kun with his schoolwork, after all! Dinner is the very least we could do."

Shougo merely nodded, slipped on his shoes as he moved towards the front door, motioning towards Tobio as he did so.

"Be safe, okay?"

When the two were outside, Shougo began windmilling his arms, crouching briefly as he built up his concentration. Outside, the sky was clear and the air was crisp, the light from the moon shedding its' light on the rooftops and the alleyways of Academy City. It was also fairly quiet; while the stores were still mostly open and there were a handful of people walking around, there was easily enough space to travel without running into anyone.

"It is a good night for a run. You lead the way, Ishida-san."

__________________________________________________ _______________

Shougo was fast, and agile, even without using his psychic power. With it, he was swift as the wind, a human blur in motion. Tobio would have been quicker still, however, if he pushed himself. And while Shougo, Tobio knew, was fairly adept at dodging obstacles, it appeared that he was unused to doing so at such a speed. Soon, the way home might have turned out to be a race of sorts-Shougo sprinting along as quickly as he could, leaping up on walls and rooftops when it allowed him to move more freely, yet never getting out of visual distance of Tobio.

He was also grinning fiercely, exulting in the freedom and joy of such speed. And what freedom it was! Things which were difficult without his power were now easy, and he could dash with the speed of a leopard and with the lightness of a falling leaf.

And so, unless Tobio decided not to race, the pair of them zipped towards Tobios' house, deftly avoiding passerbys and leaping over or ducking under obstacles. If Tobio enjoyed speed, it would have been fun, partaking in this simple yet lively contest of speed and agility.

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