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    Crocell smirks and wanting Kin to blush for once bounds over to her to envelop her in a big warm hug, no really he seems to be naturally warm. Rather like a secure blanket. "Aw don't be like that, you know I love you guys! Besides there has been some shifty stuff going on lately. No way am I letting my two new friends get hurt because of my negligence."

    Looking at Kin he notices a distinct lack of red tinting her face. "Why aren't you blushing darn you!"
    Kin's 'ojou-sama' act dropped as soon as she felt Crocell's arms around her. She let her true, snuggly self surface once more, so that she could enjoy this hug to its fullest; Which she did, with a look of supreme contentment but, as Crocell observed aloud, no embarrassment. When he voiced his frustration, she became rather confused.

    "Blushing? Why would I blush? You're not that hot..."

    Amazingly, all signs indicated that she meant this statement literally: That Crocell's body temperature wasn't high enough to overheat her. There wasn't a trace of innuendo or teasing in her words. It just went to show that the world simply wasn't a fair place. While poor Crocell had to resist the influence of teenage hormones in order to avoid messing up this new, platonic friendship, Kin seemed completely immune to their influence.
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