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We're going into the crypt. The Blur that helped us earlier is helping us escape from the Blur surrounding this place. He then grinned wickedly and looked at Sophia over his shoulder. You also flirted with him. A lot. It was really quite disturbing. Did you REALLY do all that stuff before becoming a knight?

The Doctor enjoyed making people uncomfortable.
Sophia looked very confused but followed anyway. Something in his words rang false, call it an instinct.

As they arrived the at the Crypt the Blur opened the door, "All right we need to move fast, I'm shielding the everyone's thoughts as best I can, but that won't count for much if Big Momma gets off her butt."

"Are you th-"

"Yes for the fourth time! Now follow me!"

He muttered under his breath, "why I can't read her mind is beyond me."