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    ((OOC: Sure if you don't have anything planned. I don't want to steal your spotlight if you were going to have Daisuke show up.))

    Tobio held quite a bit of pride in his skating skills. When the walk home started to become a friendly competition he participated wholeheartedly. Tobio was also grinning at having someone who reveled in the freedom that this kind of speed and agility could give. They were almost to Tobio's house when he saw something worrying. What looked to be a Tokiwadai girl, he would recognize that school Uniform anywhere, surrounded by some thugs. It was quite easy to see they were not welcome company by the way she was backing up. It was the scream that eventually told Tobio he had to take action. Changing course he made his way too the girl to help her.

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Crocell inwardly sighed at the unfairness of the world for giving him an attractive hug addicted friend, who was also oblivious as all h*ll. Deciding not to end the hug that Kin was obviously enjoying, and thanking the heavens for her and Crocell being the same height instead of her towering over him as most people did, Crocell looked over to Krystal as he said,"So shall we go? Because as nice a hugging Kin is by the time we get to you guys dorm she's not going to want to let go. Not that I would mind."

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    It was a few hour later that Ryuji and Ringo had managed to defeat the Sukeban with minimal injuries. They could have ended it sooner but that would have meant that they would have much more grievous injuries than the ones the had. Now Ryuji had dropped off the girls and headed home. His mother was waiting for him when he go there and was highly concerned with the injuries he had managed to acquire. After a few minutes of assuaging her worries Ryuji ate a light dinner before going to sleep.
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