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Shougo heard it too. Without a word needing to be said, he dashed off towards the sound of the scream, a long kunai suddenly appearing in his right hand. So this is what his father must have felt like, when he patrolled the streets late at night. The fear set Shougos' heart racing a little faster than it already was; what if they ran into a firearm-wielding group of thugs? They couldn't deal with that. That being said, he could not just leave the girl to her fate, even if his friend wasn't already rushing to her aid. His father would not and could not, and Shougo refused to do any less. It was his duty, after all.

Being a hero for the sake of being a hero brought Shougo no joy; not in the same way it did for his father. He did not want to be praised nor thrust into the limelight. But neither could he let injustices go while he had the strength in his own to hands to mend them.

And so he began storing kinetic energy (in the form of imaginary mass) in his kunai as ran, preparing it for a worst-case scenario. He knew that he could throw it with a great deal of accuracy, and with his psychic power behind it, it would no doubt be fatal for an ordinary human.