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    The old signitures quotes (most just me messing around)


    I was once told that I'm witty and imaginative... I think whoever said that was pretty witty and imaginative to dupe me in such a manner

    Never ever believe me, I was dubbed a 'mind messer' for twisting thought within minds until they gave way under the emerging pressure of insanity

    I've also been told that I'm too crazy to be insane... I think they may be right...

    The skies may not be bathed in flame, the rivers may not flow rich with blood, but life with all it's fascinating intricacies makes it one of the best games, no?

    Hopes sparkle across the lands as a sea of gemstones... Imagine all that could be bought at the cost of all those mere rocks![/CENTER]

    Were dreams to bloom as flowers, and flowers coat the world, than beware their thorns for they may rend you, for dreams come in all colors.

    For a while now people have said:
    "Drack, tell me if you ever GM a game again so I can be in it."
    To which I would reply:
    "Too many people say this, I no remember you name, by by."
    Now I have power of list! (in extended sig, PM intrest)
    (still debating if I use list though. )

    "Of all the colors in the sky from the blood bathed sunset to the milky innocent white of clouds, it is said that the sky is a reflection of all that lie beneath it. Why is it then that the sky is calm and blue, and the world that lies beneath an endless activity with the spontaneity of wildfire?"
    from literature

    "Monsters are said to be the most terrifying of things, so they must not be the nightmares we fantasize of, but rather our secrets that we keep from ourselves."

    "If people are creatures of habit, and their behavior an intricate pattern, then madness might be defined as a pattern so complex or different from your own that you fail to comprehend it."

    "I've been told I'm honest beyond a fault.
    The fault is then not with the honesty, but rather with the blind assumption that everyone in this world will lie when you ask.
    ... Did I just prove their point?

    They say wisdom is often hidden within insanity. More likely is that insanity hides within wisdom allowing the insane to pass before us unchecked.

    "Man has made horrors beyond imagining, had wrecked havoc and destruction that you could not even comprehend, yet when you look about you, the product of all these terrors grants you peace ease and health in your everyday life spreading new joys across the globe. Isn't that the most evil thing man could ever do? Grant you great benefit and wellness that you enjoy, all stemming from that which you most detest?"

    "Child oh so tender, child so sweet, and yet oh so treacherous, for the love child of any idea or notion may lie infinity far from the ideals of their conception, often turning to oppose those notions which had given them breath."

    "At times I feel as a child, reaching out to grasp the prismatic bubbles of knowledge that surround me, but for every one that pops open in my hand, I come to see the emerging clouds of endless bubbles still never glimpsed about me."

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
    Because if blood and screams in splatter horror had been at least a little more realistic, he wouldn't have become a homicidal maniac.~ Urobuchi Gen

    There was never anything so gallant, so spruce, so brilliant, and so well disposed as the two armies. Trumpets, fifes, hautboys, drums, and cannon made music such as Hell itself had never heard. The cannons first of all laid flat about six thousand men on each side; the muskets swept away from this best of worlds nine or ten thousand ruffians who infested its surface. The bayonet was also a sufficient reason for the death of several thousands. The whole might amount to thirty thousand souls. Candide, who trembled like a philosopher, hid himself as well as he could during this heroic butchery. ~Voltaire

    Fun quotes and exaggerations

    "Miracle that I can use Wish forever without Any Penalty to me, Or any Backlash." ~shadowfirelance (Shady)

    "Anywho A good old flesh-room just isn't the same when it's made by magic. You have to tan the human hides yourself, and work it together with a twisted offshoot of love in every stitch. You need to hang the entestins with care in hopes that they could inspire a festive mood in even that good old saint. when he rides his malnourished-slave-dwarn slay up to your door where in his jolly voice he booms "Oh Ho HO Ho! What a jolly fine house this is, made from the fine fleshy internals of not one, but those of 3,003,000 individuals, and an extra 666 for flare! Why haven't you been a naughty boy this year?! No, you prepared my favorite dried skin and mushed brain cookies this year?" At which point you might invite him into your fabulous new home." ~A friendly decor adviser.


    "Shady will always poke and prod at infinite power, Drack'll always mutter eldritch secrets while sitting in a rocking chair chewing tobacco infused with spirits of the forgotten gods while swilling century old brandy."`Doxkid

    "As always, my suggestion is to pull out all the stops but try to have the maximum amount of fun you can manage.

    Besides, Drack is gone now so everyone stands a chance. If ShadowFireLance is moldy String Cheese and abusing wish scrolls is Limburger, Drack would be a ornery old goat daring you to milk it.
    Just ask for tips in this thread. Most people here are fine with sharing the tricks of the trade since people sharing is how they learned in the first place.

    Except Drack. He's the one that taught the guys that taught us. Darn ancient bugger..."

    "Keep listening to his lies Dawn, Drack is one of the most subtly manipulating players in this game...his words are laced with cyanide but taste like candy upon the tongue."~Bel

    My favorite description of engaging in PvP with powergamers

    Quote Originally Posted by ben-zayb View Post
    We could agree to disagree. Doesn't mean you're not objectively wrong, though.

    Fun IC/OOC quotes

    Like I'm gonna have space to link all of those.

    Avatar history

    2006-2010: none

    Death from the Seventh Seal, one of Bergman's most famed works, a nice movie emphasizing the simple pleasures of life while the plague rages through mid-evil Europe. He did some pretty good movies, but not once has anyone commented on the avatar beyond a comment from a friend who's seen far too many classic movies for his own good, who exclaimed "Ah!" pointing at it with glee on his face.

    for a short while in 2012:

    This image is originally from this site:
    Where it is accompanied by a cute little story.
    I shrunk the picture down bed and all to avatar size.
    Changing it for a change of pace I kept it for a few weeks before changing it back. In these few weeks I received many comments that all seemed to sound more or less like this: "Man, you know, my little brother and I spent like a whole ten minutes looking at your avatar to try and figure out what it was, and when we finally did my brother _____..." cried, wet himself, was too scarred to go to sleep, ect. Apparently the moral is that pictures of monsters that eat little children are not good avatar material. Worse so when the child to be eaten is n a place where they should be safe, and worse still when the picture is small. This both emphasized the weakness of the child in that he's even smaller then a kid, and rather then making the monster look weaker, makes the monster look hungrier and small enough to escape notice and sneak up on you. In the end I switched back.


    Crnobog is an old slavic deity with associations to petulance, cold, death, poverty, and generally any scenario that's particularly negative or unfortunate.

    People who would sell their last magic beans, and force their pixie-grandmother into no less then seven savory stews (eventually having all the chefs who were promised her divvy her up as they see fit) to play in one of my my games.

    ... ironically a few people asked to be on this list, but I forgot who before I could add them...
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    Gah, you know, I think my original avatar and emoticon spamming suits me best. Let the good times roll.