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    Quote Originally Posted by memnarch View Post
    Condenser and the other parts like it are the biggest issues. Basically anything that lets you transmute lots of stuff into little amounts of better stuff is the problem.
    The problem is that EE runs at so epic a level that you NEED the output you can get with it to get anywhere with Dark Matter, much less Red Matter. But Energy Collectors are basically 'wait and get free stuff'. It's not even transmuting a double chest full of cobble into a diamond, it's waiting a couple of minutes and getting a diamond. Once you get your collector array going, it gets much faster than that.

    Granted, considering how much EMC is required for your RM gear, you NEED that much EMC output. But it absolutely trivializes everything else, and can be put together as soon as you get into the Nether. If it required a lot to get it going, like say Research the way TC2 does, it would be a lot more balanced.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Also had a Redstone Engine explode... didn't think they could do that
    They only explode if they are running and have nothing they are attached to. If they've got a wood pipe they are feeding power into, they won't overheat. But left alone, it can. The other way is if you 'daisy chain' them.
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