Crocell sticks out his tongue at Krystal before the trio head off towards the Tokiwadai dorms. Provided that they didn't come across any trouble they should arrive with at least ten minutes to spare for their curfew. "Here we are guys. unfortunately I won't be able to take you guys running tomorrow. I have Judgement patrol. So unless you guys want to follow me around and watch me occasionally put down some thugs you guys won't be seeing me unless I get done early."
__________________________________________________ ________________

Once in range Shougo would see that Tobio was indeed headed towards the commotion. The girl in question was on her knees with fear evident in her eyes. There were five men in hoodies and jeans. Tobio came in so fast the thugs weren't sure what happened Al the knew was that a blue and black blur came and slammed into one of their pals. Once they got a proper look they would see that their buddy was unconscious with Tobio standing over him. That would be when they pulled out the knives and the leader pulled out a gun.

"You just made the biggest mistake of your life boy."