The pack joins together and begins digging underneath the barrier. It doesn't take long for you to realize that this 'force field' doesn't extend underground. So the trick quickly becomes one of making a hole quick enough for a Lupus to get under.

Only moments before the hole is complete, and someone makes the change, likely Trashcan, the man finishes his chant. He then begins speaking aloud to himself.
"This will not do. This will not do at all. You cannot upset the process before they rise. You leave me no choice."

The man walks to his side of the force field, and place his hands against it. He begins to chant.
"Teleportis auctus Luperci apsens de hac!"
Over and over he says this phrase. And just as the hole is complete, the world shifts. You find a sensation similar to when you step sideways. However the sensation intensifies, and then the world begins to spin. A feeling of nausea overwhelms you all, and with the spinning you can't help but close your eyes.

After some moments, the spinning slows and the sensation desensitizes. When you open your eyes, you are in the spirit world. And you can't be certain, but you're pretty sure you're not where you were moments ago. You stand next to tall spiritual buildings, covered in spider webbing everywhere. You stand in the middle of a lifeless concrete road. Webs go in every direction and you can see phantom shadows of cars moving up and down the road. And of course, your pack seems to be cut in half. Only Softpaws and Hour-tales are here. Deepfang and Trashcan seem to be else where. Or perhaps they weren't affected by the man's sorcery. You don't know.