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Mei had to try to keep herself from opening her mouth at a bad time. She was involved with Astraphobia? A dangerous criminal? And not only was she apparently fine with being in his presence, she had the audacity to impede Judgement in their activities...Why, she had to resist the urge to let loose her trademark "Judgement~desuno!" followed by slamming her into a wall with her Breath Hammer. She withheld her wrath, however, for a variety of reasons, including A: The hunt for Astraphobia was called off, B: She was a friend of Tobios', and, most importantly, C: If she was as strong as she said she was, there was no way in hell Mei had a chance of winning.

The urge died as Ryuu continued speaking, Mei rapidly forgiving Ryuu for her involvement with a criminal as she received her sympathies regarding her current situation with Tobio. Still, she was a little surprised about her relationship with Tobio; she knew how nervous he got around pretty girls, and yet not only had she spent several hours at his house, he had said nothing about her? Interesting-No! She had to stop herself. Gossip like that was what started her most recent problem, and it would be dreadfully hypocritical of her if she kept it to anyone but herself (The fact that Tobio was not at all nervous in her presence flew right over her head, somehow).

She was still musing about Tobios' hypothetical relationship with this mysterious girl when Ryuu finally finished speaking. A brief, awkward silence would have arisen before Mei finally spoke, stuttering sheepishly.

"U...Uh, yeah, that was pretty ridiculous. I...I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I was dressed up for the night...And the fact that I am pretty well-known..."

She inhaled deeply, attempting to better phrase what she had intended to say.

"Well, uh...All of that, really? Sounds like you've had a pretty eventful week...But then again, I suppose interesting things gravitate towards interesting people, huh? Not that I mean that in a bad way, of course; it's just that I haven't heard much of you before. A powerful Level Four? You should be more involved in school activities! Ah...Also..."

She paused for a moment to contemplate her next words, almost sure she would regret them later. Nevertheless, she continued, more out of the fact that she felt that she owed Ryuu something more than anything else.

"Also...This 'Shunkei Ina' girl...You might want to tell her to keep away from Daisuke, at least for the next few days. He and his associates are probably going to be arrested, and if she is present at the time, that will likely include her."

Mei sorely hoped that Ryuu would inform Daisuke of this, directly or indirectly, because that would be a wrench in her brothers' plans-A wrench that he would not forgive her for. Biting her lower lip nervously, she pulled out her phone to look at the time-And gasped once she got it.

Lunch ended ten minutes ago, and she was late for her music class.
Ryuu, on hearing the news that her friend - or at least acquaintance - was likely in danger of being arrested, had quickly hopped to her feet, apparently intending to go at once. Though she paused when she saw Mei's expression, wincing when she realized what it meant. She'd wanted to give the other girl a place to get away, not make her late for her classes!

"Thank you. I will. Even if she deserved it, I owe her... And I'm sorry for keeping you out too long. Say you saw me while I was leaving and tried to stop me or something if it'll help."

With that, Kasai, unless Mei stops her for some reason, darts past her, heading deeper into the city.


((Obviously, this assumes that she wasn't stopped at any point, and that there's nothing special going on there. Let me know if that's not accurate, and I'll change it.))

A short time later, the pyrokinetic came to a halt in front of Shunkei Ina's apartment, or at least the apartment that she'd taken Ryuu and Souji to, and knocked lightly, though hard enough to be heard easily, on the door.