Shougos' blood nearly froze when he saw what one of the men had in his hand. A gun. Guns were deadly. They could, and would kill...Nevertheless, that wouldn't stop him. Not today. He had the element of surprise, he had his psychic power, and he had his kunai. That was enough. Taking a fraction of a fraction of a second to aim, he threw his kunai. But he didn't aim at the man himself, nor at his gun.

He aimed for his hand. And with a target that large, he knew he wouldn't miss. He opened his hand, and his kunai shot forward, faster than any projectile thrown by hand had any right to be.

When it connected, the kunai caused the mans' right hand to explode in a mess of flesh, bone, and blood, causing him to drop his weapon. While his men gaped at the sight, Shougo was immediately among them, shattering one of their jaws with a thrusting palm strike. In the same action, his hand rolled around to snatch the knife out of his victims' hand. Having felled two men in as many seconds, he then moved to stand in front of the fallen girl, eyes hard and weapon in hand. Invisibly, he was charging momentum in his limbs and his knife. If the two thugs decided to attack, Shougo decided in a rare moment of fury, he would not be held responsible for what happened to them.

Two on two. He could take those odds.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Loud Japanese pop music blared behind Inas' door, and it was a few seconds before it was opened by an Ina who was still applying makeup to her face. Apparently, she was getting ready to go out for something (judging by her attire), and when she caught sight of Ryuu, her mouth opened in surprise.

"Hey! I know you, yeah! What brings you here, Ryuu-chan?"