The two remaining thugs had looks of shock on their faces. They had seen their boss go down without his hand and another of their number had been knocked out in seconds. It was obvious that they were scared by how their knees were shaking. No what their whole bodies were shaking as a feeling of coldness settled around the area as Tobio stepped forward his eyes glowing from the use of his power. Shougo would note that while he and the girl were warm that the area was indeed colder due to the small sheets of ice that would occasionally form on the ground.

Tobio glared at the two thugs before they, in desperation, ran at Shougo and the girl confident that they could defeat him since he no longer had the drop on them. Tobio intent on ending this quickly skated forward at high speeds as he turned up the heat on their shoes. Immediately they yelled out in pain as Tobio closed in. He planted high speed elbow in ones chest while the other got a swift high kick to the face, both flying back from the force of the momentum aided blows.

Turning from the two men who were rapidly fading into unconsciousness Tobio skated over to Shougo and the girl. Now that he got a good look at her he could see that she had bright blond hair and a beautiful face. Now that the confrontation was over Tobio slipped back into his usual self.

"A-Ano, are y-you all r-right? I-I mean, they didn't h-hurt you d-did they?"

The girl shakes her head as she says, "N-No, you stopped them just in time really. Thank you for rescuing me. Um, my name is Natsume Renbu. May I know the names of my saviors?"