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Loud Japanese pop music blared behind Inas' door, and it was a few seconds before it was opened by an Ina who was still applying makeup to her face. Apparently, she was getting ready to go out for something (judging by her attire), and when she caught sight of Ryuu, her mouth opened in surprise.

"Hey! I know you, yeah! What brings you here, Ryuu-chan?"

"Paying off a debt, sort of,"
Ryuu replied, offering Ina a quick, and somewhat nervous, smile. "I've got a couple of friends in Judgement, and it came out to one of them that I know you, as well as that you're with the Pure Streets, at least to some extent, so they told me to pass along that you might want to stay away from Daisuke. Apparently, there are plans to arrest him and 'his associates', which, if you're around, is pretty likely to include you."