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    "Nimori Shougo. Did you know who they were, Natsume-san? Well, I suppose even if you did not, it would not matter. Judgement will deal with them."

    Perhaps unseen to Renbu and Tobio, the man with a missing hand was scrambling for his lost firearm, crawling towards it slowly whilst trying to hide his pain. It did not go unnoticed by Shougo, however, who quietly strode up to the fallen man. Just inches before his fingers would have closed around the handle of the gun, however, Shougo promptly stomped on his remaining hand with such force that every bone in it effectively vanished. The sound was sickeningly audible to both Renbu and Tobio, and when the whimpering man raised his ruined hand, it was fairly obvious that he would never have use of it again. Shougo silenced him with a boot to the head, which knocked him mercifully unconscious.

    Casually, he turned to face the pair.

    It was frightening how even his voice was.

    "It is nice to meet you, Natsume Renbu-san, although I would have preferred to do so under different circumstances. This is my friend, Ishida Tobio-san. Speaking of which, I suppose now would be a good time to call Judgement."

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Inas' jaw dropped.

    "W...What!? Arrested!? But...That's impossible! Daisuke-sama hasn't...."

    She hesitated, biting her lower lip nervously.

    "T...This doesn't have anything to do with the kid that a few of them were talking about, yeah...? It has to be a lie. Daisuke-sama would never have done anything more than rough him up a little, yeah...Although..."

    A strange expression was on her face, and she stepped in backwards through her door, inviting Ryuu in.

    "Although I don't see why you would lie to me, yeah. I mean, what's there to gain? I've...Ah, please come in."

    Ina then sat down on a (very weird-looking) chair, utterly perplexed.

    "Mogami Jounouchi hasn't been hanging out with us much lately, either, even though he was rescued a few days back. Boil calls him a coward, yeah, though I don't know why. And Daisuke-sama said he had to find that 'damned camera' before somebody 'found out' yesterday, yeah. I...People have been talking, Ryuu-chan. What am I suppose to believe?"
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