Tobio was a little unsettled by Shougo's methods but he had prevented them from being shot in the back. Besides he killed a man, he was not exactly the model of not using overt force. "Shougo-san I am Judgement. I-I just need to c-call in and have A-Anti-skill come and p-pick them up. O-Of course I-I need to c-cuff them though."

Renbu was a little shaken by Shougo's brutality but didn't seem repulsed by it. [COLOR="Orange"]"I don't know who they were. All I know is that they wanted to have some 'fun' with me. My Esper power if useless in battle so I really didn't have any sort of defense against them. After all altering horomone levels doesn't exactly scream 'dangerous'. None the less thank you Ishida-san, Nimori-san I should get going. My house isn't far from here."[COLOR]

She proceeds to be on her way as Tobio cuffs the unconscious thugs and uses his headset to call in and request Anti-skill for criminal pickup.