"Hold, Natsume-san. We would not be able to forgive ourselves if you were attacked again, on the way. Besides, Anti-Skill will require us to speak of the event."

Inwardly, Shougo was grimacing. He had forgotten to bring his mobile phone with him, and his mother was expecting him home soon. It would be troublesome, trying to explain to her just how he had gotten into a fight with five armed thugs to save a girl; especially considering that that was how his father died. Nevertheless, as a firm believer in the rule of law, Shougo felt he had no choice but to go along, and gathered the fallen weapons as he waited for Tobio to finish handcuffing the thugs, depositing them in a neat pile some distance away.

__________________________________________________ ______________

"Uh...No, I'm afraid not. He should be home soon, though. Please...Come in."

Mrs Nimori stepped aside to allow Ren in, pulling up a seat for him nervously. Fortunately, tea was already on the table, and she poured one for him, her face lined with anxiety.

"Is it something Shougo-kun did?"