The moment Kin looked away Crocell's face was covered with a massive blush. He would get used to her eventually, but seriously she was practically in his face that time. I few inches an she would have...would have... Swirls temproraily occupy Crocell's eyes before he manages to regain his senses.

"Um, I didn't think you guys would be interested in that sort of thing. However don't let me stop you if you want to come. Just be careful, sometimes these thugs in the street have weapons."
__________________________________________________ ___________

Hearing Shougo's rationalizations Renbu stops in her tracksa and turns. "Very well then, I suppose that I will wait. And it touches my heart to know that you think of my safety so."

A few words later Tobio puts away his headset as he says, "Anti-Skill will be hear in a 10 minutes. So we won't have to wait long at least." He would walk over to Shougo while taking out his cell phone.

"Ano, Shougo-san what in your home phone number? I want to call your mom in case this runs a little long. I would let you call her but this phone is a good deal more advance than your phone. You seemed to have trouble working yours so I figured that I would save you the trouble. No offense."