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    He did not know. As embarrassing as it was, Shougo had never bothered to learn his own phone number, never having had to call it before.

    "I do not remember it, Ishida-san. But I have left my phone at home. Perhaps if you call that..."

    He glanced over to Renbu, already sure she was making a judgement of him. After all, what kind of teenage boy didn't know his own phone number? With this thought in mind, he bit his lower lip and glanced away, feeling more like a relic of the past than he'd ever felt before. Trying to hide his shame, he ran over what Renbu had said, and realised what she had been implying when she said that they had wanted some 'fun' with her. A look of disgust filled his face. His father had told him of men like these-Scum who preyed on the weak and the helpless, who had not a single shred of honour. They didn't deserve to live. How easy it would be, to take their lives. Just a single blow in the right place, or a thrust with a knife, or-


    That was not his place. The law would deal with these people; harshly, as they deserved, he hoped. He had already done his part, saved that girl. He ran over what he Renbu had said again, and a thought came to his mind.

    "Natsume-san, do you ever...Have trouble controlling your power?"

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Mrs Nimoris' face hardened instantly when she heard Daisukes' name.

    "Of course I do. That boy has caused us much grief. Still, he is being brought to justice soon, is he not? And if you are help to help Shougo-kun, you are very welcome to stay."
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