Tobio nodded to Shougo as he started tapping away at the touchscreen keypad. After scrolling though his contacts he found Shougo's cell number and proceeded to dial it.

Renbu shakes her head at Shougo's question. "Not anymore at least. After all while it is useless in battle at my level hormone control can be a killer in public. After all alter someone hormones to much an you can have them falling at your feet because they think that you are the greatest and most beautiful person ever. Tokiwadai explicitly told me that if I was to attend their school I would have to have my power under control 100 percent. After all they can't have me in a scandalous situation because my control over my power slipped. It would reflect badly on them."

She tilts her head as she says, "Don't worry, I'm not offended. Once I told you what my power was I actually expected you to ask me. Most people become guarded around me when they find out what my power is. Sometimes they start to wonder which of their thoughts are really their, or whether I'm making them think those thoughts."