"Ah. It does sound like it could be quite troublesome at times, Nasume-san."

That would have explained his sudden urge to protect her. It hadn't felt natural; Not like...


Standing in front of a girl-So different from this one! He...


That voice-Those eyes-


He did not remember them. His lack of memories of her left...An aching void in his head, and a hollow chasm in his heart. Someone...More important to him than life itself. He hadn't understood it then, those feelings, but something in him clicked-He knew he had loved, loved so strongly that this faux-affection that this girl could project utterly paled in comparison, a candle next to a raging fire. But who? Once the world was vivid and full of colour, and now-

Shougo found himself on his knees, clutching his head as he gasped for breath. Beads of sweat rolled formed on his brow, and tears were forming at the corner of his eyes. He had been like this for the past five minutes, in a nearly catatonic state. Hurriedly, he stood up, his pupils contracting and dilating rapidly as he struggled to regain his composure.

"My apologies...I...I do not know what came over me..."