Nalhriir Zaer'adinzyr Ate'torund Seneschal of Horror, Keeper of the Savage Orb

Alias: He tends to go by Nal, or more formally as Nalhriir. In his personal writings, he refers to himself by titles that either no longer have any meaning, or else cannot be traced to any reliable source.

Gender: Male (presumably, see description)

Race/Species: He most resembles a Fey'ri, though what his right race is none know the dark of it.

Age: 300 by his counting but it varies (see description/elementary backstory)

Alignment: True Neutral, though in an apathetic way, not a balancey-druidy way.

Class/Profession: Planewalker and spellslinger-for-hire

Power Rating: 5/C(B??)

Description: A tall figure, hooded and cloaked with large, bat-like wings that appear slightly translucent, as if they were composed of matter that is not quite solid. A long, sinewy, prehensile tail, which also appears slightly "out", snakes out from underneath his cloak and coils behind it. The features one can make out underneath the cowl appear elven, although the fierce red eyes that shine back out would make one re-consider that evaluation. If one ever sees him with his hood down, the elven-seeming appearance is re-affirmed, although now one can see that the shadowy translucence of the wings and tail extend to the rest of his body, and sometimes it looks as if one could put one's hand right through him. The most solid-seeming part of his face are his eyes, which burn fire-red. One of the more telling aspects of his appearance is that there is no discernible indication of gender. It is only his use of masculine pronouns that makes cutters assume he is a male.

Personality: Despite a somewhat foreboding appearance and pessimistically cynical exterior, Nalhriir is actually relatively pleasant. He thrives on information and loves to talk, especially when it concerns philosophy. Where he comes from, belief (or lack thereof) shapes whole worlds, and he encourages thought, particularly when it agrees with his own. He does seem to possess two separately voiced minds, though; one of which speaks lightly and pleasantly, and one which is darker and more formal. The first seems and sounds perfectly normal. The second, however, sounds distant and echoed, as if what one hears coming from his mouth is actually originally coming

Equipment: If one were to strip-search Nalhriir, one would find no possessions on him save the clothes he was wearing and a flask of some obscure liquor. He patently does have equipment and objects, as he has been seen with spellbooks, wands, staves, armour, and other such objects, though no trace has ever been found of them when he is not directly using them.

Backstory: [transcribed from a stolen page from the journal of the Planewalker known as Nalhriir.] I am called the Seneschal of Horror, the Sage of the Savage Orb. It has been several centuries since I was reborn into this world. I can no longer remember my true name, only the names that were given me upon awakening. I remember...nothing of the time before my rebirth. At times I can see the edges of a vision swirl around the pools in my home. In them, a mortal, whose shape I seem to see resemble my own, stands in an infinite plane of Nothingness. He looks out and his mind cannot bear the weight. Then something comes, something dark and powerful, that seems to fill the empty expanse with something that is still Nothing. The mortal seems to talk to the thing, but then the pools eddy and the vision slips away.

It seems to me that I was reborn for a purpose, but that purpose evades my sight. The thirty decades that I have seen pass in this life have revealed naught but still I wander far from my home, because that was one of the names given to me upon my awakening. That which guides me is Nothing and I begin to suspect...
[transcription breaks off as the page dissolved into wisps of insubstantial matter before the scriber could finish.]

Miscellaneous: The two voice colours are for indicating which side of Nalhriir is consciously active at the time. For those rare times when both sides are active, the darker voice will be spoilered, as it is generally more internal and introspective, and really only there if the people around him happen to be telepathic.