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What can I build with a piston? I am thinking about building something for my Minecraft buildings and I am kinda thinking about using more on piston, which I usually ignored in building a new structure. Any Ideas?
There are several things you can do with a piston:

1) Automatic bridge dispenser. Have a pair of cobble generators, with pistons pushing the cobble out. This can be used to make a sort of drawbridge.

2) Concealed Door. This requires sticky pistons, but you can use whatever material everything else is made of, and it's nearly undetectable. For extra sneakiness, don't have a button or pressure plate... you need to be able to drop a redstone torch on a certain square to activate, then pop the torch after you pass through.

3) Floor becomes a staircase. Requires a lot of pistons to go any length, but you can make a secret escape hatch using pistons to depress the floor into a staircase.

4) A redstone signal can go through one solid block. Use a piston as a toggle switch in a redstone circuit?