I'm trying to do this whilst it's still in my head. Should I forget and neglect it, I'll have to re-make-up all this information. Which probably wouldn't be too hard, as I've done it once .

Wars and Weddings (Part 3)
Mrs. Bloodplunder
Alondra climbed down into the pit and looked across at her adversaries. They were large, heavily muscled, and each were stronger than the most powerful barbarians of her tribe. Strength, however, isn't the only test in this ceremony- cunning, endurance and speed are equally important. She smiled, taking a battle-ready pose, opposite the two orc berserker-maidens opposite, confident in her abilities. They took up similar positions; they're both battle-seasoned warriors, and they have clubs against Alondra's bare hands.

Suddenly, Alondra charges the closest, ducking under its blow and kicking one of her legs out from under her. The other orc charges into the melee, expecting Alondra to be focussed on her fallen adversary and possibly in unwrapping the club's straps from the downed orc's wrist. Instead, Alondra grabs the fallen orc under the shoulders and heaves the stunned orc into the way of her companion. The two orcs collide and tumble to the ground, Alondra quickly jumping onto the pile and head butting the orc on top until she's unconscious, before rolling off and dragging the insensate orc off her companion with a grip on her arm.

The other orc gets to her feet and stands ready for another attack. She smiles and charges wary of her human adversary's tricks as the unconscious orc starts to recover. Alondra grabs the orc's wrist and heaves, pulling her attacker not only off balance, but off her feet and over Alondra's head, landing heavily on her head and shoulders. Alondra lets go and grabs hold of the orc under the armpits and lifts her off the ground as she starts to spin. The other orc has gotten up by now, and sees Alondra spinning, the other orc's legs and back nearly horizontal as Alondra lets go, the thrown orc flying towards her companion who only just dives aside in time. The thrown orc is out of the fight; she collides with the pit's wall feet-first and with a crunch of breaking bone. The other orc just grins and charges, Alondra dodging out of the way and rolling to her feet before jumping onto the orc's back, wrapping an arm around the orc's neck whilst the other thuds repeatedly into her ear and the breath is squeezed out of her chest by Alondra's legs. Eventually, the orc collapses and Alondra has won.

I'm not too good at fight scenes, but I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.