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    ((OOC: Whoops. Forgot.))

    Mrs Nimori and Ren were having tea, when the sound of a phone ringing broke their silence. It came from a phone in Shougos' schoolbag, which was sitting by a wall on the far end of their living room.

    "Oh? I wonder who that could be..."

    Putting her cup of tea down, Mrs Nimori then walked over Shougos' bag, retrieving his phone and answering it with a great deal more proficiency than Shougo ever had. Her eyebrow raised when she saw who was calling-Ishida Tobio.

    "Hello? Ishida-kun? What's going on?"

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Shougo waved her away, his face still pallid from the shock of his experience. He'd seen her, he thought. That girl from his dream; although her exact appearance kept slipping away from him. She was beautiful, he knew, but he ...No. Now was not the time to make people worry about him.

    "I am alright. My apologies if it did not seem like it was. My only excuse is that I have recently left hospital."

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Ina sighed.

    "No, they aren't, yeah. Good people, that is, some of them. And a bunch of us have left, saying they want nothing more to do with us, after what happened a few nights ago, yeah. Jounouchi contacted us a few days ago, too, and told us that Daisuke-sama is not who we think he is, yeah. Daisuke-sama has changed, too, and Boil's really been on edge, too. Could it be true, then? Did Daisuke-sama really try to murder some kid?"
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