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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    The High Roads

    Yohalles smiled as he watched the Lloyas herd various animals. Herds were another part of nature. A part he was interested in watching. A part he was interested in having a bigger stake in. He takes a deep breath and expands his domain to include herd animals. He then leaps into the air, his small wings carrying him on the air currents.

    Starting AP:1
    Rollover: +4 AP
    Gain Domain: Nature(Herd Animals) -3 AP
    vvv Actions taken to get the domain vvv
    Create Fabled Life: The Hasen 4AP
    Create Concept: Animal shepherding -1AP
    Create Organization: The Lloyonas shepherd the Hasen 2AP

    Ending AP: 2
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