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    Default Re: Lords of Creation: Boundless Wonder, Endless Strife. [IC] [Part II]

    If you haven't read the OOC, I haven't posted in a while because I got a new computer and it didn't work right, so I had to take it back and wait for them to order a new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hipho View Post
    Mirage Refugee Camp
    They are Hasen, a fabled herd beast given to us by our god. We are Lloyonas, sheperds of the Hasen. Our people are the Lloyas, sheperds of the wanderers and guides of the migrations. Our god bid us come to the refugees. We offer you this. We will stay here for a week. During that week you will get the meat of two Hasen a day, the milk of twelve a day, and as much hair as you desire. After that we move to the next camp.

    So about 4-5k lbs of meat a day, a dozen or two barrels of milk a day and enough hair to clothe atleast a few thousand goblins.

    Quote Originally Posted by AvocadoAvenger View Post
    Mirage Refugee Camp

    "In addition" Randon puts in as he steps up "Do you goblins hunt?" he asks. The answer is yes, as a few of the goblins gathered to receive their visitors nod their heads "Well, then I will lead a hunting party for food as well. Yohalles has asked me to teach the Lloyas the ways of the hunt, so they will come as well." "I can help too. I know a few tricks of druidism, and I can help teach you goblins how to raise small amounts of water from the ground in tough times. I was never the most skillful, but i'm happy to teach what I know. I will take any student who come to me."

    The Ocean Rover

    The spray of the ocean spray sparkles more brightly than would be expected in the early evening. The cloaked person hangs near Jib as they disembark. The person has been wearing the cloak a lot more loosely since the ship disembarks, revealing a soft-skinned face with bright orange eyes. "It's good to be going... away" the person says quietly in the higher-pitched, more pleasing voice.
    When Jib approaches captain Tark, and asks his question, the response is "you came late, so we are already crewed up for the day. My advice would be to get some sleep, and find yer sea legs cuz we'll be havin' need of ya on the morrow." Jib sees that the one called Tikip is going down to the cabins, and motions for Jib to follow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drowlord View Post
    Free Port
    A bell tolled outside of the temple, and clicking footsteps echoed on the flagstones. A hoarse voice shouted, "Sanctuary!"

    "It's beautiful out here. This is like where I had my youth."

    The Mirage Empire: Refugee camp

    The Cretaum squad seem to agree, and the goblins are greatful. An older cretaum said, "Yes, thank you, these resources will help us to rejuvenate and to better found this empire." Another spoke, "sure, there will be a party of three cretaum with spears and five goblins with bows that wish to go hunting." A goblin spoke, "The Cretaum seem to have a knack for finding water, I would like to be able to match them to help my people, I will come with you."


    "Where did you grow up? The desert is beautiful. The sand waves and moves to the wind and the moon. The loose piles form dunes and stand strong against the forces of time, just to be forced down by the cool night air and thrown into oblivion by the scorch of the sun and the unrelenting wind." They flew towards the tribe, they would be there by dawn.

    Edit: The Ocean Rover
    Jib follows Tikip, per the motion, and thinks about where he is. "So what's your story, with that cloak, and that god-awful pokerface, you are nervous about something."
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