The City of Galnkan

Kasak had power, but he had a warning also. Belsheroth had clearly said that he would never be able to turn from this path and that he would be a cleric always.
As such, he went among the people of Galnkan and healed them of their illnesses and protected them from murderers. Soon, he had drawn the attention of the populace and they began to revere him, so he spread the teachings of Belsheroth.
But the Goblins he spoke to drew back in horror and shunned him as a madman. The Belsherai in the city protected him from thrown stones and those Goblins who sought to drive him from the city, but they could not be everywhere and he was driven from the city by a wild mob and far into the desert.
Alone and without water, he called out to the heavens.
Is this what you wanted , oh Reaper? To gift me with power only to be driven from my home?
Go South.
Why? What lies to the South?
With no other real choice, Kasak began to walk across the desert, using his power to protect himself from the desert heat

Starting AP: 4 + 6 (Rollover) + 1 PAP