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    The Blur grabbed a torch and descended into the catacombs. "Usually the trigger is in plain sight. Huh?" He did a double take "Does that skull look out of place to anyone else?"

    A pure white skull rested atop a pile of broken and ancient bones. The Blur grabbed it and pulled. A slab of stone slid out from under his feet. The Blur backed away hastily barely keeping his feet. The stone slid into place revealing a staircase. An omnious sound, something like moaning echoed from beneath the party's feet.

    "Um," he turned to Sophia, "Ladies first?"

    "What? So I can forget why we're down there?"

    "Riiight, Shadows first?"

    Rollover: 4+6=10
    I've been meaning to ask, d'ya have a name, Blur? The Doctor asked, keeping his eyes peeled as he slithered in. Last I got a chance to talk with a Blur you called yourself by an object's name and then a number or letter. Personal favorite was this one guy called Flower E. His eyes narrowed. Might wanna cover your noses down here - corpses and all. Any magic lights, perchance? I don't need 'em but it should be pretty dark for yall - second thought, just grab my tail. He extended it back, looping up into each of their hands. I can lead. Just don't squeeze. It feels icky.
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    Before you say that this is an unrealistic way to get promoted, I want to point out that this is exactly how I got my last three jobs.
    i feel bad for your coworkers having to deal with 3 frost giant assaults
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